Frequently Asked Questions


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the worlds favorite payment processor “PayPal” as its our chosen payment gateway based on its excellency – in terms of security and efficiency in the multiple transactions that take place everyday on our site.



How long will delivery take?


All orders get processed from our UK facility units. Our established shipping contracts with major freight operators gives us the confidence in stating all order will arrive between 7 and 14 days through our expedited shipping program

How do you calculate shipping?


As we like to keep the Shipping process a simple, uncomplicated added expense we set a flat super low fee of $8.99, which is one of the cheapest rates that is available especially as we stand by our policy of fast Track Shipping regardless of where you are receiving our parcel.

You’ll never pay more than this very low rate at any given time!!!


How do I search for products I have shown an interest in?

Our intelligent shopping cart system is designed for you to add items to your cart for you then to return at some point later.

Simply sign up for an account which is completely free, then if you have added products to your cart these will be shown when you return at a later stage after you login to continue with the checkout of your stored selected list of items you want to pay for.



How secure is your store and how protected is my data?

We take customer security and privacy very strongly.

Our customers data is secured using the most protective measures to shield your personal information from data breaches.

All confidential data is encrypted to the highest degree, by our purpose built servers, that are installed with the most robust internet security software that locks all of our customers account details in ultra secure back end systems inaccessible by any external parties. is hosted on servers in Data Centers that are running state of the art programs that scan for any signs of a vulnerability on our high tech systems that safely store your sensitive information. All of our protected servers get updated continuously with the highest levels of Network security.

We never share your personal information with any third party.


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Do I receive an invoice for my orders?

Every transaction is coordinated through Paypal, who will send you an invoiced immediately for your purchased products that were made through our store.



How do I retrieve a lost password?

Simply send us your username you used to signup for an account with us to:

Our team will then reset your password and send this information to the email you signed up to us with.